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Domiciliary Care CQC Registration, Specialist & Consultancy Services 

Our service provisions

Virtuous Business Solutions provides CQC Registration support services to anyone who wants to start a domiciliary/home care business. Many people find the process of registering with CQC quite daunting as the requirements can present serious challenges. Our approach makes tackling the challenge easier as we break down the process with precise guidance on what needs doing. We do the bulk of the work for you the client.


The process takes about 4 weeks from the first free 45 minute consultation to the submission of the application. We meet once a week to work through requirements and also appraise on progress. After the submission of the application, you will be provided with intensive coaching to assist you to prepare for the interview.  

Specialist services

In addition to CQC registration support, we provide a comprehensive assortment of editable policies and procedures developed to enable the smooth running of business operations while at the same time meeting regulatory body requirements. The materials are developed by experts with the aim to provide ongoing support to businesses primarily in the following Adult care settings: 

  • Nursing Homes

  • Residential Homes

  • Domiciliary Care

  • Supported Living

  • Private Hospitals

Key aspects

We embrace uniqueness and with that in mind we develop materials that meet your specific requirements incorporating personal preferences such as:

  • Your business name and logo

  • Personalising all policies

  • Agreeing start dates 

  • Agreeing review dates

  • Developing suitable templates

  • Converting the documents to PDF if needed

  • Printing, filing in folder and posting if needed

Packages available

We have the following packages to choose from:

Bronze Deal - Full set of over 100 non-personalised editable and printable Word Policies and Procedures @ £450

Silver Deal - Full set of over 100 personalised editable and printable Word Policies and Procedures @ £550

Gold Deal - Full set of over 100 personalised Policies and Procedures that we print, file in folder and post  @ £750 

Please enquire with us to get to know the full set of policies we have. If your preferred policies are not available we can create new ones to meet your needs. 

Policy and Procedure reviews can be done at significantly cheaper rates. Please enquire within.  

We currently do not have monthly payment plans, hence, invoices will need to be settled early.

Consultancy services

We have a team of professionals who have expertise in Health and Social Care amongst other sectors. We work with business leaders and managers who work mainly in the Health and Social Care sector to optimise business performance. 


We forged strong links with business related professional  bodies and take personal development seriously within our business. For this reason, we invest heavily in developing knowledge and skills as well as creating an environment that nurtures ongoing growth. The Virtuous approach starts with an initial informal conversation to enable us to understand where you stand now and where you would like to be in the future. 


Our top priority is to be our clients' "go to" external advisor. Some of the areas we expertly cover are:

  • Marketing

  • Change Management 

  • Supervisions & Appraisals

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Engagement & Retention 

  • Business Planning, Alignment and Re-engineering 

All our consultancy is strictly confidential in compliance to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

Packages on offer range from single 1 hour sessions to multiple sessions tailored to individual or corporate needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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